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India is a land of diversity. Wedding Traditions in India are not the same in each and every part of the country. Each region has its own unique traditions and all of them have a special relevance. Choose to get married in the way which arouses your interest and curiosity the most. Whatever may be your choice, yours is sure to be a splendid affair because all Wedding Ceremonies in India are grand in every sense of the word. It sure promises to be a very ostentatious event.

This day surely holds a special meaning in every one's life and if you want to celebrate your marriage in an Indian manner it sure means following a lot of rites and rituals. Getting Married in India is undisputedly a very novel and unique affair and that explains why Wedding Tourism in India is simply flourishing.

Top for the majestic palaces or the lovely golden beaches flanked by the azure stretch of the sea as the venue of your marriage; the occasion will definitely remain etched in your minds forever. No wonder Romantic Weddings in India are currently a craze amongst many. With so many Exotic Wedding Venues in India, you are sure to feel spoilt for choice. Each supersedes the other and it just becomes a question of choosing the best among equals.

We understand and value those few days of togetherness after marriage in complete oblivion of the world around. That state of conjugal bliss rarely comes close to anything else in the world. India abounds in beautiful places that are sure to enamor anyone,let the lofty Himalayan peaks or the welcoming waves of the seas or the cool breeze that blows from it be a witness to the precious times you spend with your soul mate.

Plan your Honeymoon in India; it is literally the icing on the cake and a beautiful finish to your Indian wedding experience. After all not just marrying the Indian way but also savoring the exquisiteness of India gives completeness to the entire affair.