Camel Fair Bikaner - Bikaner



Every January, the little town of Ladera in Bikaner, Rajasthan turns into the venue of the two-day and night Bikaner Camel Festival. Camels interest sightseers from everywhere throughout the world with their developments, appeal and beauty. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world reach India to go to the Festival where camel proprietors group to hotshot their camels. A celebration when the boats of the desert are seen taking care of business.

Organized by the Department of Tourism, Bikaner Camel Festival will be celebration of Art and Culture. Desert area's Folk moves and Music extra to what is generally a selective camel issue. A rival for best enriched camel, hide trimming configuration, camel draining and the best camel hair style is sorted out. The camels showcase astonishing footwork, moving smoothly to the smallest course of their drivers. You can appreciate the uncommon camel exhibitions like camel races, camel moves, and the uneven, neck shaking camel rides.

In this celebration tea and desserts arranged by camel milk are made accessible to the guests intrigued by getting a charge out of them. So appreciate the glistening customs of Rajasthan while praising the unassuming camel, boat of desert at the festival.