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Best Bengal

Best Bengal

valley of flowers

"Banglar mati, banglar jol" West Bengal is a standout amongst the most socially and ethnically different conditions of India. The populace of West Bengal acquire their character and yearning from the bigger Indian mosaic. One can in any case recover the provincial period in its relics which survived the state's dynamic improvement. The place where there is West Bengal has in it unpredictably woven stories of numerous splendid mornings and dull evenings; stories of numerous civilisations have left their foot shaped impressions here. Inundated with the memory of that rich history and legacy West Bengal gloats of distinctive ethnicities, societies, religions, individuals and dialects which add to this excellent scene. Also, that is the reason Deshbandhu Chittaranjan once said – "There is an unceasing truth in the dirt of Bengal. … .It is that interminable truth that has been communicated through multitudinous changes, advancement and insurgencies in Bengal. It is that truth which has declared itself in writing, logic, verse, war, upset, religion and karma, in lack of awareness, in corruption, in flexibility and in subjection. That is Bengal's life – Bengal's dirt and Bengal's water are the outer types of that life."

West Bengal plans to turn into a favored tourism and tourism-related venture destination by utilizing its extraordinary topographical setting alongside its different tourism-related resources. It will create essential base and advance tourism in a coordinated way which won't just get more speculation and further the financial objectives of the Government, additionally guarantee that all these are in congruity with the important demonstrations, standards and regulations identifying with natural protection.

The general point is to see that the tourism division contributes towards enhancing the personal satisfaction of individuals in general.

The fundamental targets of the Tourism Policy, 2008 of West Bengal are as follows:

To enhance the piece of the pie of West Bengal in the inbound global tourism section furthermore to have a prevailing partake in the household tourism market.

To advance dependable and practical tourism through the incorporated advancement of the foundation and not sporadic, remain solitary and divided development.

To add to an arrangement of tourism items by using its novel biological, recorded, social, religious, natural life, games, shopping, human services, instructive and human assets.

To encourage tourism by all portions, especially the center and lower pay sightseers, by making the traveler spots in the State all the more effortlessly open through ―single-window office at the State capital and at the region base camp and on the internet.

To completely tap the immediate and roundabout financial advantages of tourism by ―broad basing tourism exercises. This will be finished by making more vocation open doors and by scattering tourism into the hinterland which will further the financial objectives of the Government.

To proactively create association with the legislative and non-administrative offices including the private segment (Public-Private-Partnership model)(PPP) to exploit integral capital and scholarly advantages for advance