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Mahaveerji Festival - Mahaveerji


Mahaveerji Fare Festival Rajasthan travel

Mahaveerji Fair is one of the most celebrated festivals in Rajasthan. The celebration is mainly held in honor of the 24th Jain tirthankara, Shri Mahavir Swami. There are a number of fairs and festivals held in Rajasthan. These fairs and festivals are held in various part of Rajasthan. They reflect the picture of a colorful state with a lot of enthusiasm for fairs and festivals. However, the best place to observe the Mahaveerji Fair is at the Mahaveerji temple. The temple is located in an enclosure called the "katala".

There a number of beliefs related to the temple as well. It is believed that the image of Mahavir Swami in the temple was unearthed by a leather worker in a nearby hillock. The festival is held during the period between Chaitra Shukla Ekadasi and Baisakh Krishna Dwitiya. A large number of devotees gather at this temple to take part in the festival. It is a wonderful experience for them. The devotees offer a lot of religious offerings like crystallized sugar, sandalwood, saffron, white flowers and camphor. The festival also features a Rath Yatra. It is a grand procession that boasts a lot of pomp and show. The devotees also sing various devotional hymns. All of these end at the place in the temple when the image of Mahaveerji is restored.

The Mahaveerji Fair in Rajasthan not only is a great attraction for tourists. It also brings a lot of opportunity for the local businessmen. The fair helps in assemblage of a huge number of people. As a result, the local traders selling cloths, food grains, toys do brisk business during the period. Tourists will have a great time during the visit to the fair. They will not only get the opportunity to visit a colorful fair. The various rituals and customs performed during the fair will also allow them to have a close look at the religious traditions of the place.

There are a number of tours available to Rajasthan. However, if you want to add a visit to the Mahaveerji Fair during the tour you will have plan accordingly. You will need to avail a tour from an operator which offers the visit. Moreover, you will have to plan your visit during the time, when Mahaveerji Fair is held.