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The Tourism division is one of the recently created part in Lakshadweep. From 1956 to 1962 there was no boat nor any motorized vessels working between the Islands and terrain to convey even the nearby travelers. It was in the year 1962 that a little ship 'M.V. Ocean fox' having an ability to convey only 12 pax was presented. There was no building nor any framework accessible to carryout tourism exercises in this Union Territory. In the year 1974 an undeniable all-climate ship. M.V. Amindivi , joined the armada changed the very face of voyage in the Islands. This was the first all climate dispatch and was an incredible alleviation that before Amindivi little ships including M.V. Laccadives having ability to convey 47 pax was not adequate for the development of travelers. The happening to Amindivi and two every single climate boat M.V. Bharatseema and M.V. TipuSultan amid 1988 made an ideal condition for the development of travelers. Two little ships M.V. Minicoy & M.V. Amindivi joined the armada as of late has helped the development of vacationers further.

Tourism is one of only a handful couple of territories in Lakshadweep which can assume a fundamental part in producing pay, business and over all advancement of islands. Perceiving incomprehensible tourism potential, an unassuming starting was made in 1974 and one of the uninhabited island Bangaram was opened for International Tourism. The Hotel Corporation of India was caring for the undertakings of Bangaram island resort up to 1982. The travelers on those days were stopping by boat Amindivi. Amid 1978-sightseers stopped by contracted boat 'M.S. Europa'. However, without a perpetual set up, the stream of sightseers were not promising. After the Hotel Corporation of India twisted up their business the SPORTS was specifically managing the traveler exercises both Indian and outside. The Casino Group of lodgings, Cochin entered the field of Lakshadweep Tourism through a lease deed dated 22nd October 1988 with SPORTS for working the Bangaram Island Resort. Empowered by the Bangaram test, the Lakshadweep organization has proceeded with Tourism advancement in the Islands of Kavaratti, Kadmat, Kalpeni and Minicoy were opened for residential travelers in 1983.

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The strategy of the Administration for the advancement of Tourism in the islands is planned on the premise of the suggestion of Island Development Authority. Since the conveying limit of these modest islands must be remembered, any exercises related with Tourism must be done with most extreme consideration. This has focused on the need of anticipating ecological irregularity emerging out Tourism and has prescribed ocean based Tourism in order to guarantee that land assets are not over burdened. In this way the household visitors are brought by boat and the night stop of sightseers are orchestrated in such way that they are boarded from the islands before night taking into record conveying limit of the islands and deficiency of fundamental things including drinking water. The analysis of day tourism has been discovered very fruitful. Universal voyagers to Bangaram are conveyed by flight from Kochi to Agatti, the closest Island to Bangaram which is having an Airport.

The Bangaram Island Resort, Bangaram, the Lakshadweep Institute of Water Sports, Kadmat and the Twenty Bedded Tourist home, Agatti are right away worked by private business people on lease. The Twenty Bedded Tourist Home at Minicoy has begun working. The Twelve Bedded Tourist Home at Kadmat is without further ado keep running by SPORTS on lease. The vacationers hovels in the traveler central Islands of Kavaratti, Kadmat, Kalpeni and Minicoy are cared for by SPORTS. Aside from these cottages three private cabins at Minicoy are worked by neighborhood enterpreneurs.

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