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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

mountain biking

Mountain biking in the India is very much an ordeal. Rigging up and ride your cycles over the most noteworthy mountains investigating the delightful valleys, snow topped mountains and entrancing lakes. Take a bicycle ride over the Himalayas and investigate the excellent green valleys and deodars. Take up mountain biking in the event that you are the extreme Harley Davidson good example sorts and investigate the most astonishing mountain biking trails in India which have capability of touching the enterprise crack in anyone.

You will likewise find the opportunity to experience the nearby culture of different districts while you are pushing through the areas in India. Mountain biking visits likewise give you an opportunity to experience the snappy changing tints of the scenes and higher heights. Enjoy a reprieve in little foothill towns and mountains with stunning pleasant glory which will make your enterprise worth recalling all through your life.

Destinations in India for Mountain Biking

Best spots to go mountain-biking and cycling in the Himalayan locale of India are in the conditions of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. These states are loaded with extraordinary grand excellence and are fortune troves of energizing courses, some of them found and others holding up to be explored.

  • Himachal Pradesh:

    Mountain biking in Himachal Pradesh will be a most significant enterprise trip. Look at the beautiful attractions and entrancing nature views.

    From Chandigarh drive to Barog and begin your mountain biking visit from here.

    Bike route:

    Start in Barog - Shimla (60kms) Shimla-Kotgarh (80 kms), Kotgarh- Thanedar (5 kms), Thanedar-Sarahan (97 kms), Sarahan- Sangla Valley (92 kms), Sangla Valley-Kalpa (50 kms), Kalpa- Pooh in Spiti Valley (76 kms), Pooh-Tabo (95 kms), Tabo - Kaza (47 kms), Kaza- Losar (65 kms), Losar - Gramphoo (74 kms), Gramphoo - Manali (62 kms).

  • Ladakh:

    Amongst higher areas in India Ladakh is known as an awesome destination for mountain biking. Ride the accompanying course to experience amazing perspectives of lakes, mountains and so on

    Bike route: Leh– Upshi (47 kms), Upshi- Hyamnya (35 kms), Hyamnya – Chumathang (60 kms), Chumathang– Sumdo (23 kms), Sumdo – Karzok (43 kms), Karzok– Tsokar, Tsokar- Debring, Debring – Upshi (56 kms), Upshi – Leh (60 kms).

  • Sikkim:

    A biker will love to investigate Sikkim that is brimming with brilliant grand magnificence combined with a fantastic geography. A far as experience is concerned, mountain biking is the no. 1 enterprise movement in Sikkim!

    Bike route: Gangtok- Phedang (31 kms), Phedang - Singhik (33 kms), Singhik - Chungthang (26 kms), Chungthang - Lachung (21 kms), Lachung - Yumthang (24 kms), Yumthang - Chungthang (45 kms), Chungthang - Lachen (27 kms), Lachen - Thangu (32 kms), Thangu - Chopta Valley to Lachen (74 kms), Lachen - Chungthang (27 kms), Chungthang - Rangrang (38 kms), Rangrang - Kabi (32 kms), Kabi - Gangtok (20 kms), Gangtok – Bagdogra.

  • Kumaon:

    The Kumaon district with gigantic terraced fields over the lavish green mountains has excellent biking trails. Look at little waterways, little towns and some renowned sanctuaries on your way.

    From Delhi reach Nainital and after that span Sat Tal. From here you can start your mountain biking visit.

    Bike route: Sat Tal- Bageshwar, Bageshwar - Baijnath (23 kms), Baijnath - Kausani (17 kms), Kausani - Someshwar (12 Kms), Someshwar-Binta (15 kms), Binta - Ranikhet (23 kms), Ranikhet – Bhatrajkhan, Bhatrajkhan – Garija (63 kms), Garjia- Corbett, Corbett - Kotabag (23 kms), Kotabag - Kaladungi (15 kms), Kaladungi - Chorgalia (30 kms).

  • Garhwal:

    The mountain biking course in Garhwal is about sun-kissed mountains, winding shady streets, apple trees, spouting waterways, heavenly surroundings and cool crisp breeze. Rishikesh on the bank of waterway Ganga and encompassed by Himalayan reaches, is the ideal spot to begin your biking raid into the Garwahl mountains. So start your mountain biking visit taking the accompanying route:

    Bike route: Rishikesh – New Tehri (76 kms), Tehri - Dharasu (42 kms), Dharasu - Uttarkashi (28 kms), Uttarkashi - Bhatwari (35 kms), Bhatwari - Harsil (40 kms), Harsil - Gangotri (30 kms), Gangotri - Gangnani (50 kms), Gangnani - Uttarkashi (50 kms), Uttarkashi - Barhmakhal (40 kms), Barhmakhal - Barkot (51 kms), Barkot - Nainbagh (50 kms), Nainbag - Mussoorie (41 kms), Mussoorie – Dehradun.

Best time to visit

Best places to go mountain-biking and cycling in the Himalayan region of India are in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. These states are replete with great scenic beauty and are treasure-troves of exciting routes, some of them discovered and others waiting to be explored.