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Chandrabhaga Fair Festival Jhalawad Rajasthan

Jhalawad Fair

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Located in southeastern Rajasthan it is one of the princely states. It is an ancient and heritage town, which still has retained its old world charm. The place originally belonged to the Jhala clan of Rajputs. It is visited by a number of tourists, who wish to experience and enjoy the rural feel. The Chandrabahga Fair Jhalawar is pretty famous.

When to visit Chandrabhaga Fair in Rajasthan?

As the fair is organized in the month of October and November, you have to visit it at this point of time. You can plan your trip a bit early, so that you can be present there during the fair.

About Jhalawars Chandrabhaga fair in India

Chandrabhaga fair Jhalawar is held in Jhalrapatan, which is six kilometer away from Jhalwar. River Chadrabhaga flows beside and people take a holy dip in the river. This fair is held in the auspicious day of “kartik purnima”, when thousands of pilgrims take a dip in the water. The holy dip in the water is generally taken in the last day of the kartik. This holy dip is known as “Chandravati” by the common people.

Fairs and Festivals in Rajasthan

You cannot miss the opportunity to visit chandrabhaga fair, during your trip to the city. This fair is a rare mix of trade and festivity. On one hand, you can find the rituals being performed, while on the other hand you will find a cattle fair is being organized. In fact the cattle fair is merged with the celebrations. Various cattle and live stocks like cow, buffaloes, camels and horses are found. Traders from Madhya Pradesh and Maharasthra drop in at the fair, to trade animals and to buy new ones. This fair is very much preferred by tourists, who get a chance to interact and mix with the local people. It helps them to become familiar with the local tradition and practices of the region.

Tourist Attractions near Chandrabhaga Fair

During your Chandrabhaga fair tour you can also visit the nearby places of tourist interest. Mentioned below are names of few such places:

  • Jhalawar Fort
  • Government Museum
  • Kakuni
  • Gagron Fort
  • Rein Basera