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Horse Safari

Horse Safari

horse safari

Experience the rush of intersection Rajasthan's most sensational scenes on the radiant fight steeds of India. Recreating the style of Royal Hunts in the Moghul and British Raj time, you will start your outing in the stupendous surroundings of a Kothi, before setting off crosscountry with our special Royal Camps. Our broad experience and warm cordiality will guarantee you one of the finest stallion riding undertakings in the world.

Your trail starts at the family's inborn home and nation situate, the Roop Niwas Kothi, where you can spend a couple of days unwinding and putting your picked steed through its paces. We offer our visitors an uncommon chance to browse more than fifty very much reared and educated Marwari, Kathiawari and Sindhi stallions - incline constructed, vivacious and wise, these are a percentage of the best continuance steeds on the planet. The Kothi has a swimming pool and lovely gardens, and there are chances to investigate both the nearby field and the intriguing adjacent town of Nawalgarh.

Your friendly has are Bhanwar Devendra Singh and Durga Singh, whose recognized family held a Chiefship under the Maharajah of Jaipur and who have kept steeds for a long time. They have an abundance of radiant stories and learning to share around the pit fire, and are a major motivation behind why their visitors decide to return quite a long time.

As in the Moghul and Raj periods, the select Royal Camps are sorted out by a substantial entourage of chaperons and are finished with vivid oriental tents, musical artists, masseurs and master culinary experts. Your trip will take you crosswise over pristine desert territory to experience the rich social legacy of Rajasthan – from the vivid migrant tribespeople and their towns, to awesome chasing hotels and fortifications. You will likewise visit one of Rajasthan's most interesting urban areas, and your trail will reach an end at either a Wildlife Reserve or one of the well known Horse or Camel Fairs.