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Matasya Festival Alwar Rajasthan India

Matasya Festival Alwar

Matasya Festival Alwar Rajasthan Travel

The Matsya Festival is one of the important festivals of Alwar City of Rajasthan State. This festival proves the prosperity of cultural and traditional values and believes. This popular festival is known for its cultural and social heritage, fairs and colorful customs. To experience the real values of the festival varieties of exhibitions, competitions, sports, folk music, songs and dances are performed during the festival. The festival is celebrated for two days with utmost fun and enthusiasm. People from all over the Rajasthan as well as outside come to attend this unique festival in Alwar.

The Alwar district's Matsya Utsav showcase its rich cultural heritage and colourful traditions. Exhibitions, competitions, traditional games and tours will be organised during the festival. An archaeological heritage exhibition in the City Palace Museum, a photography competition at the Information Centre, and a slide show on the Matsya region would be held during the two days.