Matasya Festival - Alwar


The Matsya Festival is one of the essential celebrations of Alwar City of Rajasthan State. This celebration demonstrates the flourishing of social and conventional values and accepts. This prevalent celebration is known for its social and social legacy, fairs and beautiful traditions. To experience the genuine estimations of the celebration mixed bags of displays, rivalries, games, people music, tunes and moves are performed amid the celebration. The celebration is praised for two days with most extreme fun and excitement. Individuals from everywhere throughout the Rajasthan and outside arrive at go to this special celebration in Alwar.

The Alwar locale's Matsya Utsav showcase its rich social legacy and brilliant customs. Displays, rivalries, conventional recreations and visits will be composed amid the celebration. An archeological legacy display in the City Palace Museum, a photography rivalry at the Information Center, and a slide demonstrate on the Matsya area would be held amid the two days.