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Maharaja Express Destinations - Balasinor



Often termed as the “Jurassic Park of India”, Balasinor is a unique tourist destination in the central Indian state of Gujarat. Balasinor came into light in 1981, when geological survey of India searching for minerals, accidentally discovered dinosaur fossils. Till now about 10,000 fossils of dinosaur eggs, bones and skeleton have been uncovered, and it has been established that over 13 species of dinosaur existed in the Balasinor for more than 100 million years before their extinction around 65 million years ago. Balasinor has become third largest dinosaur eggs hatchery in the world.

Besides seeing the skin and other bones of dinosaurs, tourists can also see real dinosaur eggs. In fact, Balasinor is the only place in world where tourists can actually hold a 65 million years old dinosaur egg in their hand.