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valley of flowers

Mussoorie, Popularly known as the Queen of Hills, this enchanting slope station, 34 kms from Dehradun is arranged at an elevation of 2003 mts in the Garhwal slopes. above ocean level. Mussoorie is one the wonderful slope stations in India and the most as often as possible went by. It gives brilliant reprieve to individuals who need help from the hot sultry states of the fields, particularly since it is sufficiently close to the funding to make weekend trip. Additionally, major Hindu journey destinations like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Haridwar, Rishikesh are not a long way from this spot.

In 1820, Captain Young of the British armed force was impacted by the excellence of this spot and made it his living arrangement. The name, Mussoorie is gotten from plants of "Mussoorie" which were found in plenitude here. After its disclosure, this slope station slowly grew as a focal point of instruction, business, tourism and beauty.

Mussoorie (Places to See)

Gun Hill

Enjoy a Ropeway ride to the second most elevated crest of Mussoorie. It can likewise be arranged by harnesses way which forks-off from Mall Road close Kutchery and to achieve takes around twenty minutes. The Ropeway separation is just 400 mtrs. Furthermore, the sheer excite of the ride is significant. Firearm Hill offers a delightful all encompassing perspective of the Himalayan goes in particular Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Pithwara and Gangotri bunch and so forth and an elevated perspective of Mussoorie town and Doon Valley. Amid preindependence days a weapon mounted on this top used to be shot proclaiming earlyafternoon to empower individuals to modify their watches and consequently this name.

Municipal Garden

A excursion spot having a delightful greenhouse and a fake little lake with sculling offices. It is situated at a separation of 4kms by cycle rickshaw, horse or via auto and just 2 kms by walking through Waverly Convent Road.

Kempty Fall, Mussoorie TourismChilder's Lodge

Highest Peak of Mussoorie close Lal Tibba. It is around 5 kms from the Tourist Office and one can go on steed back or by walking. Snow view from this spot is invigorating.

Camel's Back Road

It begins from Kulri Bazar close Rink Hall and closures at Library Bazar covering an aggregate separation of around 3 kms. The fundamental appeal of this froad is steed riding and wlking. Dusk perspective of the Himalayas is magnificent. Camel's Rock with an existence like resemblace can be seen from the spot close Mussoorie Public school.

Jharipani Fall

8.5 kms from Mussoorie on Mussoorie- Jharipani Road. Guests can pass by transport or via auto upto 7 kms to Jharipani from where the fall is 1.5 kms, by walking.

Bhatta Fall

7 kms from Mussoorie on Mussoorie-Dehradun street. Access via auto or transport upto Balta town from where the fall is 3kms via auto or foot. A perfect spot for washing anf picnics.

Kempty Fall

15 kms from Mussoorie on the Yamunotri Road having a height of 4500 ft. It has the qualification of being the greatest and prettiest waterfall situated in an excellent valley and is encompassed by high mountains. Shower at the foot of the falls is refresshing and enjoyabled for youngsters and grown-ups alike.

Nag Devta TempleMussoorie, Temple Tours

An antiquated sanctuary arranged on Cart Mackenjie Road and is around 6 kms from Mussoorie. Vehicles can go right upto the spot. It Provies a beguiling perspective of Doon Valley and in addition of Mussoorie.

Mussoorie Lake

A recently created excursion spot, arranged on Mussoorie- Dehradun street and is around 6 kms from Mussoorie. It is a delightful spot. Pedal pontoons are availble. It charges a charming perspective of Doon Valley and close-by villages.

Van Chetna Kendra

At a separation of around 2 kms on Tehri bye pass street, this spot is created as a cookout spot and has a recreation center encompassed with pine timberland and blossoming bushes, and is congenial by foot or taxi/auto. The primary fascination is the wildilife of the recreation center like Ghurar, Kanankar, Himalayan Peacock, Monal and so on

Sir George Everest House

6 kms The Park Estate of sir George Everest, First Surveyor General of India, Who had his offce and habitation here, is agreeable by street. The most elevated crest on the planet, Mount Everest, is named after him.

Jwalaji Temple (Benog Hill) 9 kms 6to the west of Mussoorie and at a height of 2104 mtrs. Is the Jwalaji Temple. It is arranged on the highest point of the Benog Hill and has a symbol of Mata Durga in it. The sanctuary is encompassed by thick woods and offers an all encompassing perspective of the Himalayan crests, Doon valley and Yamuna valley.

Clous End

The home implicit 1838 by a British Major was one of the First Four structures of Mussoorie. The home has from that point forward been changed over into a lodging called Clouds End, and is arranged at the great west of Mussoorie Hill, 8 kms from Library. The resort is encompassed by thick woods, offers a wide assortment of widely varied vegetation other than an all encompassing perspective of snow clad Himalayas, and Yamuna waterway. The most in a perfect world suited resort for fireigners and wedding trip couples.

Mussoorie (Institution)

Mussoorie Travels, Mussoorie Holidays VacationsRich in history and excellence, Mussoorie has conceived numerous organizations that are known basically everywhere throughout the nation. Since 1959, the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration has been preparing and embellishment many, many batches of crude probationers into the nation's finest officials, outside administration officers, and cops. the Academy, arranged at Charleville, keeps on preparing officers for the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service. A flame softened out up the Academy a few years prior and demolished, among different structures and papers, its valuable library evaluated amongst the best in the nation. While a hefty portion of the books devastated in the flame are hard to supplant, a fresh start has as of now been made by gaining a fine accumulation of books.

While the Academy has a place with the post-Independence period, the greater part of Mussoorie's foundations go back over a century. The Waverley Convent, a school for young ladies, was built up in 1845 and has remembered 150 years of recognized presence. While some of its structures were crushed in a seismic tremor in the early years of this century, then by a flame, and afterward again in the late quake, Waverley still holds a great part of the old-world design appeal. The link autos swing between the Hall and Gun Hill more than 100 times each day.

Mussoorie (Excursion)

Naga Tibba

About 55km, a perfect spot for trekking. Naga Tibba is the most elevated crest around Mussoorie at 10,000 feet and is secured by thick woods.


On Mussoorie-Tehri Road 25km away, it has deodhar timberlands and mountainscapes.

Surkhanda Devi

Surkhanda Devi Temple at 10,000 feet, 35 km down the Mussoorie - Tehri street. Roosted on a top, the sanctuary requests a solid two-km trip structure fans. The sanctuary, goes the legend, was based on the site where the leader of Shiva's associate (Shiva is the destroyer in the Hindu trinity) fell after it was hacked off to stop Shiva's alarming move of death that was shaking the universe to its extremely core.

Lakha Mandal

80 km away on the Mussoorie-Yamunotri Road. Connected with the Mahabharata with icons of archeological importance.

Mussoorie (When to visit )

Mussoorie Hill View Mussoorie is a slope station which has wonderful atmosphere around the year. It is an extremely cool spot with greenery at its full sprout amid September to November. The best seasons to visit Mussoorie is between April to June and again amid September to November. At the point when the fields of North India experience warmth waves, Mussoorie gives a much needed reprieve. September - November is spring time here. Amid this season Himalayas are unmistakably obvious. It is ideal to keep away from rainstorm as the streets to Mussoorie are not doing so great. Same thing applies for the winter when streets are obstructed because of snowfall

Mussoorie (Travel Information)

There are normal flights from Delhi to Doon Valley (Jolly Grant). From the Jolly Grant air terminal, taxis and transports handle to Dehradun, from where they go up to Mussoorie (2¼ hours, 60 km). The overnight Mussoorie Express connections Delhi to Dehradun, the railhead for Mussoorie.

Delhi to Mussoorie is 290 km by street. Dehradun to Mussoorie is 35 km. There are direct transports from Delhi to Mussoorie, alongside private taxis. Transports handle each half hour from Dehradun to Mussoorie. Private taxis and shared taxis are supported by a larger part of guests.

Mussoorie - Local Transport

Hand pulled rickshaws, taxis and autos are not permitted on the Mall, but rather can move in other motorable parts of Mussoorie.Mussoorie (Accommodation)

Mussoorie has more than a hundred hotels to choose.

Mussoorie (What to Wear)

In summer, light woolens are advisable while heavy woolens are a necessity during winter.

The summer season extends from April to June. The winter season is from September to December.

Area : 65 sq km

Altitude : 2005.5 m

Temperature in Summer : 31.2°C(max);7.2°C(min)

Temperature in Winter : 7.2°C(max);1.1°C(min)

Languages : Hindi and English

Best Time to Visit : April-June and September-October