Kailadevi Festival - Karauli


The reasonable of Kaila Devi, famously known as Mahalakshmi, (the goddess of riches), holds an imperative spot among the praised fairs of Rajasthan. The reasonable as held at the town Kalia in Karauli area in the Month of Chaitra, beginning from Chaitra Budi 12 and going on for a fortnight. The sanctuary of Kalia Devi is situated on the banks of the Kalisil River in the slopes of Trikut, 2 kms. toward the north-west of Kalia village.It houses the pictures of Mahalakshmi and Chamunda. Kaila Devi has been viewed as the gatekeeper divinity all through the ages by the Khinchis, the Yadavas and the princess of Karauli. A little sanctuary devoted to Bhairon is arranged in the patio and confronting the holy place of Kaila Devi is a sanctuary of Hanuman generally called "Languriya". As the year progressed, there is an unfaltering stream of aficionados to this spot however amid the Kaila Devi Fair, the members number upwards of 2 lakhs.

One of the most worshiped fairs of Rajasthan, Kaila devi reasonable is hels at the sanctuary of Kaila Devi, who is adored as the gatekeeper god by the Yadavas, the Khinchis, and the princess of Karauli. In the patio of the sanctuary, there is a little sanctuary of Bhairon and a sanctuary confronting the Kaila Devi's sanctum houses Lord 'Hanuman', called "Languriya" in the nearby tongue. A huge number of aficionados fitting in with all the groups visit the spot as the year progressed. The reasonable pulls in a considerable measure of explorers from different states additionally, for example, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh , Punjab , Delhi and Haryana, who offers, coconuts, kajal (kohl), tikki (vermilion), bangles and desserts to the goddess.

An fascinating custom is seen by the successors of Goli Bhagat, an extraordinary aficionado of Kaila Devi, who originate from Agra. This custom called 'Kanak-Dandoti' is thorough and is seen by other staunch aficionados also. These aficionados cover a separation of 15 to 20 kms to the sanctuary by lying prostrate and checking lines with their hands in that position, then get up and advance upto the drawn line and again rehashing the system. In spite of the fact that a few fans do take some rest and eat nourishment in the middle of, however there are some who persevere through the appetite and fatigue till they achieve the sanctuary. The confidence of these individuals is exemplary.

There are an extensive number of shops offering mixed bag of articles and Mina tribal individuals perform moves of bliss and sing tunes in the recognition of the divinities loaning the jollity to the environment.