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Exotic India Escapes: A Covid Smart And Globally Certified Company

Exotic India Escapes: A Covid Smart And Globally Certified Company

Exotic India Escapes is a leading Destination Management Company in India and discovered by a group of people who has a zeal for traveling.  As a trusted company, we have come up with a strong network of travel service providers. The reliable tie-ups that help us in offering exceptional services at a reasonable price to our clients. With our sharp eye on changes going on in the travel world, we ensure client satisfaction and real-time support.

Exotic India Escapes understand that the travel industry is full of uncertainty and dynamism. Our excellent knowledge and years of expertise proved a game-changer to cope up with these uncertainties and let you excel throughout the world.

COVID-19 is one of these uncertainties influencing the travel sector these days. This deadly virus has shaken the major part of the world and, it infects by a recently identified coronavirus.

One can be infected through this virus if he or she comes in close contact with a COVID-19 patient. Considering the COVID-19 as a pandemic, the Government has issued many public guidelines. In adherence to those guidelines, our expert team is continuously aware of our clients on the latest prevention measures.


We are completely familiar with how coronavirus has created fear around the world, making it necessary to take prevention rather than cure. Exotic India Escapes understand that the treatment of coronavirus can put a burden on your pocket and resemble post corona health impact. Taking customer safety as a topmost concern, We have taken significant measures. We left no space for mistakes and won our customer confidence and heart always.


Exotic India Escapes Takes No Chance With Client Safety!

Safety and reliability is the foremost factor that every client looks forward to. We never let down our client expectations. Bound by our obligations, we always try to maintain a pandemic free environment for our customers. Exotic India Escapes is one of the best COVID Proof and a worldwide certified company. With our well equipped and professionally trained team, we ensure complete health safety and control COVID 19 situations in adherence to guidelines of :

John Hopkins University

United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control  (ECDC)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention- USA (CDC)

Ministry Of Tourism, India


Stop all your worries and travel with comfort!  We value our client’s health and safety utmost. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff assure that your travelers are in reliable hands! We do our best to come up with every security for our clients.

Although we have taken all the safety measures, we can not achieve it all alone. We issue user-friendly guidelines on how one can ensure complete prevention from coronavirus. Some of them are listed below:

?     Avoid traveling if you are unwell or if you came in contact with a COVID-19 patient in the last 14 days.

?     Wear masks and safely cover your nose and mouth in public.

?     Wash hands regularly or use hand sanitizer(alcohol-based).

?     Maintain distance from a sick person.

?     Avoid rubbing eyes and; touching nose and mouth.

?     Be aware of quarantine rules in different countries.


“Knowledge is power” This simple term implies great meaning. Right knowledge about deadly coronavirus helps you to control fear, anxiety, and know ways to recover.  So, leave all your fear, start exploring the beauty of the world and leave rest on us.


Right from starting a safe journey, clean and sanitized hotels, hygienic restaurants, no contact tour plans to expert guides, We take complete care of everything. You spend your vacation as your plan is our prime motto. Exotic India Escapes proving its excellence in every aspect and must give us a chance to serve you with our excellence.