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India is a land of vibrant colors. From the unfathomable blue seas and bountiful green flora, to the unending yellow deserts and austere brown earth, the multitudes of colors mesmerize a traveler. The varied shades of colors can be felt not only in the ambiance, but also in the culture, customs, traditions, festivals, attires and cuisines of the Indians. There is so much to see in India, so much to know, and so much to experience. This land of sun worshippers and snake charmers, offers an experience incredible and unimaginable --

Maharaja Express Luxury Train India

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India, the mystical land with a glorious past, is famous for its versatile cultures, diversity of religions and beliefs, royal charm and unparalleled heritage. A land of varied colors and customs, blended with innumerable fairs and festivals, bountiful nature and untamed wildlife, dotted by royal palaces and majestic forts, India has a lot to offer to tourists from across the globe. Relive the times of the Indian kings, and rediscover the charms of enchanting India through the royal train journey of theluxury train of india --


Dear Ashish, four passengers are very happy for the trip! Nidia wrote me, she said: "Exotic India a wonder the agency, when I was alone they also looked after me a lot." Thanks Ashish!!! Best regards. Miguel Read More


I am glad you wrote to ask about this! It was wonderful. We really enjoyed all the hotels (especially the Imperial hotel) and the tours given by Enille. He took us to different sites in Delhi including the Ghandi memorial site, and a couple of tombs, as well as the Qatar Mintub, which was reported to be the tallest stone structure. The drive to Agra was interesting to the say the least and certainly put things in perspective when you saw the stark contrast between the poor and everyone else. There was nothing to see in Agra other than the Taj Mahal but the hotel was beautiful so we just enjoyed that when we were not at the taj. The food was spectacular at all the places but it did not prevent us from getting Delhi belly!!! We suffered through no problem though... And the spa was absolutely gorgeous and soooo relaxing. The food was great and the weather could not have been better. I only did one Ayervedic treatment, which was nice but Gustavo just enjoyed the ambiance of the place, as did I. We really liked it and ended up wishing we had stayed there longer, especially with the long drive to/from Mangalore, but it was worth it!! I would recommend this trip to anyone!! We both really enjoyed it but will need to save our $$$ for awhile after that trip!!! Thanks you!!! Read More


Dear Mr Gupta Thank very much for evreything that you do for us ,its was wonderful ,realy it was a dream you treat us like kings Sonya Garza Rapport Presidenta FEMAM-Norte Federación Mexicana de Amigos de los Museos


This year my sister Sathya, my mother (from Buenos Aires) and me, are the people who will plan the travel, but be sure that if we can plan everything, we are going to work with Exotic India Escapes again, because the last year everything was perfect.